Converting LoadMaster from SPLA to MELA Using Kemp 360 Central

1 Introduction

LoadMaster 7.2.48 and Kemp 360 Central 2.4 provide a simplified way to convert an existing Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA) LoadMaster deployment to a Metered Enterprise Licensing Agreement (MELA) deployment, maintaining the current Virtual Service (VS) configuration across the license conversion.

2 Prerequisites

The following are required to complete this procedure:

  • A LoadMaster unit running LMOS version 7.2.48 (or later) with a valid SPLA license. It is assumed that this license was obtained using online or offline licensing from the Kemp Licensing Server.
  • You must have the Kemp ID and password that was used to license the SPLA LoadMaster available. This is required to deactivate the SPLA license.
  • A Kemp 360 Central unit running version 2.4 (or later) with a valid MELA license.
    • This unit must also have at least one available MELA license, which will be consumed by the LoadMaster above.
    • The SPLA LoadMaster being converted to MELA can be already instantiated in Kemp 360 Central or not, before beginning this procedure. If it is instantiated, it will be modified to appear as a MELA device (blue icon). If not, it will be instantiated as a MELA device as part of this procedure.
  • The LoadMaster unit must either be on the same network as Kemp 360 Central or, if not on the same network, both units must be able to open a connection to the other unit.
  • LoadMaster must be able to contact the Kemp Licensing server during this process, to deactivate the current SPLA license.
  • Ensure that no critical traffic is in progress across the LoadMaster during this procedure. Because the current Virtual Service configuration is preserved and a reboot is required during the procedure, it is possible for existing connections to be terminated.
  • Ensure that a recent backup of the LoadMaster is available, or create one before beginning the procedure below, so that it is available in case of an unforeseen error.

3 Convert SPLA to MELA

This procedure is intended to be executed by customers with the assistance of Kemp personnel.

1. Log into the LoadMaster Web User Interface (WUI) as the bal user. The LoadMaster Home / System Status screen is displayed.

2. On the Home / System Status screen, click View License to display the license details. The License Type and/or Appliance Model usually includes the string “SPLA” to indicate that this unit is licensed as a SPLA unit.

3. Navigate to the System Configuration > System Administration > Update License screen and do the following:

a) Enter the Kemp ID and password used to originally license the SPLA LoadMaster. [If you specify the wrong credentials, the attempt to deactivate the SPLA license will fails with the message “Invalid credentials”.

b) Click the Kill License button.

c) Click OK on the confirmation screen that appears.

4. When the SPLA license has been deactivated, the following message appears: License Killed – Need to Relicense. Click Continue. A popup screen appears notifying you that you need to relicense to continue. Click OK.

5. On the License Required to Continue screen:

a) Select Kemp 360 Central Licensing in the drop-down box.

b) Type in the IP address and Port of the Kemp 360 Central from which you want to obtain a new MELA license.

c) Click Activate.

6. A list of available License Types is displayed. Select one of the licenses and click Continue. Once the license is applied, a popup confirms success with the message License Validated. Click Continue.

7. The following message appears in a popup: An updated license has been applied. A system reboot is recommended to ensure all features are licensed appropriately.

It is recommended that you reboot the system immediately, as follows:

a) Click OK in the popup.

If a Select a certificate popup appears, click Cancel to continue.

b) Navigate to: System Configuration > System Administration > Update License.

c) Click the Reboot button at the top of the page.

d) Click OK in the confirmation popup that appears.

8. After the LoadMaster reboots, log in again using the bal username. You can now:

  • Click View License to confirm the newly applied license that you selected above.
  • Click on the Virtual Services > View/Modify Services link at left to confirm that your VS configuration is intact.

9. On Kemp 360 Central, log in and:

  • Navigate to the Settings and Configuration > Metered Licensing Management screen. Ensure that the Activations table is now showing that a license has been taken for the LoadMaster.
  • In the Network Tree, confirm that the LoadMaster is displayed in the tree with a blue icon and that the device configuration is displayed.

If you want to keep the current configuration on your SPLA-licensed LoadMaster intact and working after conversion, the MELA license to which you are converting must be equivalent to, or a superset of, the currently applied SPLA license and its entitlements (for example, GEO, Edge Security Pack (ESP), Web Application Firewall (WAF), and so on).

If your new MELA license will be more restrictive than the current SPLA license, there may be issues after the conversion to MELA licensing that will require Kemp Support to resolve by manually updating the configuration to remove unsupported options from the configuration. In this case, the best course of action is to remove features that will no longer be used from the configuration before you start the procedure. For example, if you are no longer licensed for GEO, remove all GEO clusters from the device. Kemp Support can assist you with this prior to beginning the conversion process.

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