How To Create & Restore Custom Cipher Sets

This article will show you how to create and restore a custom cipher set on the Loadmaster.

Creating a Custom Cipher Set

Prerequisite: Make sure you are offloading on the VS and have a certificate assigned.

Please navigate to Certificates and Security -> Cipher Sets -> Cipher Set Management


In the screenshot above, the ciphers that are in Available Ciphers that are highlighted blue are already assigned to the Assigned Ciphers

Please use the Filter field to filter ciphers and locate specific ciphers you want to use without scrolling through the whole list.list

If you want to add a cipher from the available Ciphers list to the assigned Cipher, drop & drag them across. Click the specific cipher that you want to assign into the assigned cipher set. Any of the ciphers that was just moved into assigned ciphers is now highlighted blue.

Once completed, the Customer Cipher Set can then be saved by entering in a Custom Cipher Set name  by selecting the  "Save" option.

Now that it is saved, you can navigate to the virtual service that you want to use the cipher set in and chose the new custom cipher set.


Restoring a Customer Cipher Set

Prerequisite:  User needs to already have a backup file saved to restore the previous Cipher Set configuration.

This is intended for users who may have lost the custom cipher set or made an unintended change to the cipher set. 


Restoring Custom Cipher Set (LoadMaster Base Configuration upload)

1. Navigate to the Loadmaster where the configurations will be restored to.

2. Navigate to System Configuration > System Administration > Backup/Restore.

3. Click Choose File.

4. Browse to and select the backup file.

5. Check LoadMaster Base Configuration.

6. Restore Configuration.


Note. This is a base configuration upload. This will require a reboot of the unit. All existing configuration will be removed and replaced with the restored backup config. Use caution if applying this configuration to a different unit.

View your Restored Custom Cipher Sets

Navigate to Certificates & Security -> Cipher Sets -> Cipher set and the custom sets will be in the drop-down.

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