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A New Home for Feature Requests at Kemp

Here at Kemp we strive to listen to our customers as often as we can. We understand that the way we have been collecting and communicating about feature requests as not been up to the standard we hold ourselves to. I am happy to announce the first of many changes to our Customer Experience tools. We are moving where customers can submit feature requests to a new area called the Kemp Ideas Portal.

You will be able to submit requests, engage with our product managers and community, as well as get updates on decisions and status changes throughout the feature life cycle. Our goal is to provide an enhanced experience that delivers better visibility, accountability, and faster turn around on your requests.

To gain access to the new portal you will only need your Kemp ID. We have migrated all the existing feature requests that have been submitted to our community. Most features have been mapped back to the original submitter, so when you log in you should see your request as if you submitted it in the portal. Just look under My ideas once signed in.

You can navigate directly to the Kemp Ideas Portal using this url . There will also be a link on the Support HelpCenter that will take you there as well. You can learn more on how to submit a request in our how to doc you can find here. How to Submit a Feature Request

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