GA LoadMaster LMOS Release :

Release Notice: LoadMaster LMOS

Release Date: November 13th 2019

Release Highlights

  • LMOS bug fix release

Recommended Reading

For full details on new features and issues resolved, consult the LoadMaster Release Notes


*NOTE: This firmware is not suitable for VLM-100, VLM-1000, LM-GEO, LM-2000, LM-2200, LM-2500, LM-3500, LM-5300, LM-5500, and the LM-Exchange.

**NOTE: LM-2600 and LM-3600: These models are not supported beyond version This version can be downloaded here.


Download Links

LM-X3, LM-X15, LM-X25, LM-X40, LM-2400, LM-3000, LM-3400, LM-4000, LM-5000, LM-5400, LM-5600, LM-8000, LM-8020, LM-8020M


VLM-GEO, VLM-200, VLM-500, VLM-2000, VLM-3000, VLM-5000, VLM-10G, VLM-MAX


 Bare Metal

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Microsoft Azure


MD5: 4c00e79d5c6224830f78237b3fa576bb



1.       In previous releases, there were 3 upgrade images: one for AWS Cloud, one for Azure Cloud, and one for all other platforms. Starting with, there is now a single upgrade image for all platforms.


2.       For AWS and Azure VLMs running firmware versions previous to, you cannot use this upgrade patch. To deploy an updated VLM, backup your current VLM configuration and redeploy a new one through the appropriate Marketplace.


If you do not see your model number listed, please see our End of Life models specified here.

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