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GEO Release Notes

GEO Version is a bug-fix release made available in March 2020. Please read the sections below before installing or upgrading.

Supported Models

Please see the LoadMaster Release Notes for a list of supported models for this release.

Issues Resolved

The following issues have been resolved in this release.


GEO: Fixed an issue that caused spurious log messages to be recorded while modifying the GEO configuration.


GEO: DNS responses for a query that contains an FQDN defined on LoadMaster may contain records for a Zone Name that is defined on LoadMaster, but to which the FQDN doesn’t belong. This issue has been fixed.


GEO: Location Based failover does not work as expected. This issue has been fixed.


GEO: Proximity and Location Based scheduling do not work with IPv6 source addresses. This issue has been fixed.


New Known Issues

The following issues appeared for the first time in this release.


GEO: GEO is returning NXDOMAIN in a specific scenario, when it should return NOERROR.


Existing Known Issues

The following GEO known issues appeared in the Release Notes for the previous release and remain open.

Please also see the LoadMaster Release Notes for information on additional known issues that apply to the LMOS platform on which GEO is running.


GEO: If a GEO FQDN is configured with All Available as the Selection Criteria, IP addresses are returned even if the cluster is disabled.


GEO: DNS TCP requests from unknown sources are not supported.