Kemp Support and Services Teams deliver the same level of customer experience during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Kemp is closely monitoring and responding to the developing coronavirus disease (COVID 19) outbreaks. The health and well being of Kemp’s employees, customers and partners is our primary concern. As such, we are monitoring the situation daily and heeding the advice of relevant authorities. As the situation develops, we are utilizing our ISO 9001 Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and acting accordingly. Our BCP is designed to respond to unexpected events like this in an efficient and timely manner.

Specifically, in this current case, we have taken a number of proactive steps to safeguard our people and minimize business disruption to our customers. These measures include, but are not limited to:

  • Regular education and communication to staff
  • Cancellation of any non-essential travel, especially travel to high impact locations
  • Temporary closure of Kemp facilities in high impact locations and relocation / telecommuting of Kemp employees in said locations
  • Good hygiene practices through notices in and around all our sites
  • Remote working practices where necessary for all business functions

To date, there is no significant impact on Kemp’s ability to supply products or to provide support services to our customers including advanced replacement logistics. Our systems and infrastructure remain robust and we have business continuity / disaster recovery plans in place for all eventualities.

While we anticipate there will be some impact to component lead times for hardware RMA’s, Kemp has taken the necessary actions to ensure all orders will be fulfilled. Our ability to deliver on “on-site” professional services will be degraded due to travel bans, especially to those areas designated as high impact.

Despite the current situation, we are confident that Kemp’s support and services teams can deliver the same level of customer experience that our end users are accustomed to. This includes adhering to our customer commitments, meeting SLA’s, providing 24x7 support and delivering remote professional services as per our terms of service.

We are resolute in our ability to rise above these challenges, but sincerely apologize for any unforeseen disruptions.


Justin Federico

Director, Global Support and Services

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