Kemp 360 Central 2.7

Release Date April 8th , 2020


Kemp 360 Central Version 2.7 is now available for download at

The Release Notes for this version are available here.

Release Highlights

  • This release supports the issuance of pooled LoadMaster licenses where Kemp 360 Central has a Pooled License assigned
  • New web-based reporting for Metered License usage with usage selectable by month and download of raw usage data in CSV format
  • Enhanced backup and restore functionality


Upgrading to Version 2.7

The upgrade patch for Kemp 360 Central V2.7 is available here.

Size: 304 MB

Checksum (SHA256):  8c18c460e0b6335ccbf43a8f7967ac590b01a5dd96aed4ac205af6e0151c557e

Direct upgrade to V2.7 only works on V2.0 or later systems.
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