GA: Release LoadMaster LMOS

Release Date: April 29th 2020

Release Highlights

  • JSON Web Token Support
  • User Interface Access Control
  • Factory Reset Secure Delete
  • ESP Logging Common Event Format (CEF) option
  • Minimum Password Length
  • Securing Outbound Connections
  • OCSP Stapling for Outbound Connections
  • Elliptical Curve Cipher Sets, Self-signed Certificates & Certificate Signing Requests
  • Interrupt Request (IRQ) Pinning
  • Azure Support for 10GB interfaces
  • API Support for Adding and Removing Non-Local Sorry Servers
  • Console Logging Enhancements


Recommended Reading

For full details on new features and issues resolved, consult the LoadMaster Release Notes


Download Links

LM-X1, LM-X3, LM-X15, LM-X25, LM-X40, LM-2400, LM-3000, LM-3400, LM-4000, LM-5000, LM-5400, LM-5600, LM-8000, LM-8020, LM-8020M


VLM-GEO, VLM-200, VLM-500, VLM-2000, VLM-3000, VLM-5000, VLM-10G, VLM-MAX


Bare Metal

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Microsoft Azure



1.        In previous releases, there were 3 upgrade images: one for AWS Cloud, one for Azure Cloud, and one for all other platforms. Starting with, there is now a single upgrade image for all platforms.


2.        For AWS and Azure VLMs running firmware versions previous to, you cannot use this upgrade image. To deploy an updated VLM, backup your current VLM configuration and redeploy a new one through the appropriate Marketplace.


NOTE: This firmware is not suitable for VLM-100, VLM-1000, LM-GEO, LM-1500, LM-2000, LM-2200, LM-2500, LM-2600, LM-3500, LM-3600, LM-5300, LM-5500, LM-DR and the LM-Exchange.

If you do not see your model number listed, please see our End of Life models specified here.

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Does this also apply to VMware installations?

Justin Federico


Yes. This release applies to VMware installations. This firmware is suitable for all virtual LoadMaster models excluding the VLM-100 and VLM-1000.


I'm getting an error "Invalid software update" when trying to update my VLM-2000's with this new firmware.

Nick Smylie

Hi @jack.shu

I believe you need to update your license. Please see the article below. If you have further issues or questions I can open up a ticket for you so someone can assist.


Thanks Nick, My licenses are good for several more months. I got it figured out. Usually the downloads are in .bin format, this time it is a .zip format. I had to extract the file and install, that worked for me. Did not notice they change the file format.