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How to generate a report from Kemp 360 Central

It is possible to generate a report using Kemp 360 Central to obtain the traffic information of your LoadMasters. A similar report can be generated to obtain information regarding the availability status of your LoadMasters, Virtual Services, SubVSs, and Real Servers. To generate reports, navigate to Settings and Configuration > Reporting:


You can generate reports can be manually and download them as PDF files on your local machine by selecting the appropriate criteria and clicking Download Report. Reports can also be generated automatically selecting Schedule Report, and emailed to recipients using the Email Address List and Global SMTP Settings. Then click Create Schedule. The schedule then appears under the Recurring Reports section.

Inside the Traffic report, you can see the following for all of the selected devices between the selected dates:

1. Network Traffic (Incoming, Outgoing & Averages) in Mbps.

2. Connections Per Second (Number per second & Average number per second).

3. SSL Transactions Per Second (Number of SSL TPS and Average Number of SSL TPS).


Inside the Availability report, a summary or detailed view of the LoadMasters' status is generated. Here is a sample from the report that shows the uptime of a LoadMaster, the uptime of a Virtual Service, and the uptime of a Real Server assigned in a SubVS:




Virtual Service:



Real Server in a SubVS:



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