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GEO Release Notes

GEO Version 2.3.50 is a feature and bug-fix release made available in April 2020. Please read the sections below before installing or upgrading.

These notes list the features, changes, and fixes related directly to GEO product functionality. For a list of the new features, changes, and fixes in the base LMOS system on which GEO is running, please see the the LoadMaster Release Notes for LMOS 7.2.50.


Supported Models for Upgrade

Please see the LoadMaster Release Notes for LMOS for a list of supported models for this release.

Change Notices

The following changes have been added to this release of GEO.


GEO Limit for IP Addresses in an FQDN is increased from 16 to 64

The number of supported IP addresses that you can assign to a single FQDN defined within GEO has been increased from 16 to 64 to provide improved scalability for modern DNS configurations, as well as a better configuration experience.

GEO HA Configuration Issues in AWS and Azure Cloud Platforms

In previous releases, when deploying GEO in an HA configuration on either the Azure or AWS public clouds, the cluster and mapping menu IP addresses didn't get updated when the standby system takes the master (or active) role. This required a manual change on the newly active LoadMaster to correct the mapping. This issue has been addressed and new guidelines for creating a GEO HA configurations have been added to the HA for Azure guide and the HA for AWS guide.

Issues Resolved

The following issues from previous GEO releases have been addressed in this release.

PD-14327 GEO: Removed spurious log messages when an interface used for GEO requests hasn't been assigned an IP address.
PD-14302 GEO: Fixed an issue where NXDOMAIN was incorrectly returned in response to certain DNS requests.

New Known Issues

The following issues appear for the first time in this release of GEO.

PD-14963 GEO RESTful API: Site status is missing from showfqdn output.

Existing Known Issues

The following issues appeared in the Release Notes for the previous release of GEO.

PD-10586 GEO: If a GEO FQDN is configured with All Available as the Selection Criteria, IP addresses are returned even if the cluster is disabled.
PD-9765 GEO: DNS TCP requests from unknown sources are not supported.