Release Notice: LoadMaster LMOS

Release Date: April 29th 2020

Release Highlights

  • JSON Web Token Support
  • User Interface Access Control
  • Factory Reset Secure Delete
  • ESP Logging Common Event Format (CEF) option
  • Minimum Password Length
  • Securing Outbound Connections
  • OCSP Stapling for Outbound Connections
  • Elliptical Curve Cipher Sets, Self-signed Certificates & Certificate Signing Requests
  • Interrupt Request (IRQ) Pinning
  • Azure Support for 10GB interfaces
  • API Support for Adding and Removing Non-Local Sorry Servers
  • Console Logging Enhancements


Recommended Reading

For full details on new features and issues resolved, consult the LoadMaster Release Notes

Download Links  Current GA Version -



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The link to the release notes isn't working.

Paul Crotty

Thanks Niels, that link has now been updated.