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How we secure our Zoom sessions.

Progress Kemp support has implemented several best practices to ensure customers' privacy and security are maintained during Zoom remote sessions. The purpose of this article is to make customers aware of these steps:

  • All Zoom remote sessions are held using versions greater than 5.0. Zoom 5.0 uses AES 256-bit GCM encryption.
  • Progress Kemp has enabled a waiting room before each remote session has started. This room is also locked and the host manages participant entry. This helps in preventing an unwanted guest from joining the meeting.  
  • All meetings are configured with a new meeting ID and a new password with a length of six or more characters.
  • Participants joining a meeting are muted on arrival.
  • Participants video is disabled but can be enabled by the host during a meeting.
  • Kemp Support will continue to keep up-to-date with all Zoom's guidance and best practices.

For further information on Zoom privacy and security, refer to the following Zoom page: Privacy & Security for Zoom Video Communications.

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