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Upgrade Downgrade Notes Relating to Update Verification Options

By default, verification of the digital signature on upgrade images is required in LoadMaster Operating System (LMOS) 7.2.50 and above. What is required when performing an upgrade is determined by what is set in the Update Verification Options drop-down list under System Administration > Miscellaneous Options > WUI Settings. If you are upgrading a LoadMaster to 7.2.51 and it is set to require validation, you must supply one of the two XML verification files supplied with this release:

  • Use this file when upgrading a LoadMaster running a release that is prior to LMOS 7.2.51.
  • Use this file when repeating an upgrade to LMOS 7.2.51 - that is, LoadMaster is already running and you want to repeat the upgrade process.

The following table summarizes the options and correct XML verification filename when upgrading firmware version:


Upgrading to 7.2.51

Upgrading to 7.2.50

Upgrading to

Upgrading from 7.2.51


Offline validation only

Offline validation only

Upgrading from 7.2.507. validation only
Upgrading from

LoadMasters running an LMOS version prior to 7.2.49 do not provide the option of XML file verification in the User Interface (UI) or Application Programming Interface (API). If you are upgrading from one of these releases to 7.2.51, you can verify the digital signatures using a manual process documented on the support website: Verifying XML Signatures Technical Note.

If the Update Verification Options drop-down list is set to Required in System Configuration > Miscellaneous Options > WUI Settings it is not possible to downgrade from LoadMaster firmware version 7.2.51 or above to versions older than 7.2.51 (apart from LoadMaster Long Term Support (LTS) versions which you can downgrade successfully to). This is because newer versions are not able to verify XML files not signed by the Kemp Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

To work around this, set the Update Verification Options field to Optional or No verification file - deprecated before downgrading between the specified versions. If you downgrade from version 7.2.51 or above to any version older than 7.2.51, a message appears before installing the update that says the patch file has been verified using an older verification method.

If you are using a FIPS LoadMaster, it is not possible to configure the Update Verification Options. If you need to downgrade or upgrade in the scenarios outlined above, contact Kemp Support.