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Kemp 360 Vision Release June 2020

This release includes new features, enhancements and resolves issues, as described in the following subsections.

To access Kemp 360 Vision, navigate to the Vision Web Portal

New Features

Trial option for non-Enterprise Users

A time-limited fully-functional Vision Trial is now available by logging into the Web Portal with a KempID.

HTTPs SSL/TLS Connection Analysis

Vision will now generate notifications in response to excessive unsuccessful HTTPs Service connections as a result of SSL/TLS Transactions not completing. This can highlight Incompatibility of SSL/TLS Versions and Ciphers or the absence of necessary SNI.

Feature enhancements

API Key LoadMaster Access

Vision Agent Connection to LoadMaster now supports the use of LoadMaster API Keys for LMOS Version 7.1.50+

Additional Relevant Articles included in Vision Event 

Vision Event Notification Detail Page now contains links to relevant articles for remediation across a number of new areas.

Vision Interface Event Modifications

Adjustment to thresholds for Interface packet drops to better align with typical traffic patterns

Resolved Issues

KVT-1889 Maintenance Mode incorrectly applying across all agent clusters

KVT-1869 Vision Agent Restart Issue

KVT-1993 Issue resulting in delivery of some notification emails failing.