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Kemp 360 Vision Release September 2019

This release includes new features, enhancements and resolves issues, as described in the following subsections.

To access Kemp 360 Vision, navigate to the Vision Web Portal

New Features

Certificate Monitoring

Virtual service Certificate monitoring will generate notifications for any Certificates that are expiring soon, expired or incomplete.

Geo Monitoring

Geo monitoring will generate notifications for any GEO Resource or IP that changes state as well as GEO Partner errors.

LoadMaster Disk Usage Events

LoadMaster disk monitoring has been added to enable notifications for any disk usage issues such that remediation can be taken place before problems arise.

Feature Enhancements

Validation of Communications Channel

When adding new communications channels, a simple validation process has been implemented.

Invalid HA state extra context

When Vision detects and Invalid High Availability State, checks are performed on related interface for Discards or errors that could be the root cause.

Resolved Issues

KVT-1284 - Limit the output of Logs to prevent Excessive Log Messages in Notifications

KVT-1432 - Investigate Issues with not receiving alerts for deletion/adding of resources