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GEO Release Notes

GEO Version 2.3.51 is a bug-fix release made available in July 2020. Please read the sections below before installing or upgrading.

These notes list the features, changes, and fixes related directly to GEO product functionality. For a list of the new features, changes, and fixes in the base LMOS system on which GEO is running, please see the the LoadMaster Release Notes for LMOS 7.2.51.

Upgrade Notes

Please see the LoadMaster Release Notes for LMOS for a list of supported models for this release as well as for other upgrade notes, including information on validating the update image's digital signature.

Issues Resolved

The following issues from previous GEO releases have been addressed in this release.

PD-15191 GEO Responsiveness: Addressed issues seen in the previous release that caused system slowness when making configuration changes, particularly on systems with a large number of FQDNs defined.
PD-15121 GEO Stability: Fixed an issue in LMOS 7.2.50 that caused GEO configurations of more than 165 FQDNs to become unresponsive.
PD-15094 GEO Stability: If the Use for GEO Responses and Requests option is enabled on multiple interfaces, then GEO may stop responding to DNS queries and log multiple spurious errors complaining about a bad IPv6 address. This bug has been fixed.
PD-15092 GEO Cluster Notifications: Fixed an issue that caused emergency/critical alerts to be logged repeatedly for administratively disabled clusters.
PD-14973 GEO Logging: Fixed an issue that caused these spuriouos log messages to appear repeatedly: "named: received control channel command 'stats'".
PD-14963 GEO RESTful API: The showfqdn API display was partially broken in the previous release, omitting the Site Status. This issue has been fixed.

New Known Issues

There are no new known GEO issues in this release.

Existing Known Issues

The following issues appeared in the Release Notes for the previous release of GEO.

PD-10586 GEO: When a cluster is administratively disabled, the cluster IP address will still be returned in response to queries.
PD-9765 GEO: DNS TCP requests from IP addresses that are not known to LoadMaster will not be processed.