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Kemp 360 Vision Release March 2020

This release includes new features, enhancements and resolves issues, as described in the following subsections.

To access Kemp 360 Vision, navigate to the Vision Web Portal

New Features

Dell EMC ECS Server Support

Vision now supports the addition of Dell EMC/ECS Application Servers for monitoring and will generate an Event for Issues detected such as State changes, System Issues (CPU/Memory) and Disk Space Requirement issues.

Feature Enhancements

KempBot: Additional Functionality

KempBot (accessible through SlackTM) now supports the following: Displaying the last specified number of events, Display a summary of the overall Application Delivery State, Checking the Status of the Bot & Listing the Operational Status of Resources currently being monitored.

Resolved Issues

KVT-1917 LoadMaster firmware- HA statistics not visible on Vision

KVT-1760 Occasional errors connecting to Vision Web Portal.