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Kemp 360 Vision Release December 2019

This release includes new features, enhancements and resolves issues, as described in the following subsections.

To access Kemp 360 Vision, navigate to the Vision Web Portal

New Features

Kemp ECS Connection Manager Support

Vision now supports the direct monitoring of Kemp ECS Connection Manager

VmWare tools for Vision Agent

The Vision agent has been upgraded to support VmWare Tools, thus improving the management functionality of the Vision Agent Virtual Machine.

Feature Enhancements

Ability to add Note to an Event for future Reference

When acknowledging an Event the user can now write a Note which is available for reference if the event reoccurs or for historical review.

Relevant Knowledge Base Articles included in Vision Event

Application Availability events such as Virtual Service or Real Server failure will now include links to the most relevant Knowledge-base Articles in the Vision event Page, thus allowing quicker resolution of issues.

Live Migration of Vision Agent

Vision agents can now be migrated live in Microsoft HyperV.

Graphical Representation included for Vs and RSs Down Events

Application Availability events such as Virtual Service or Real Server failure will now include an easily understood graphical representation of the change in the Vision event Page.

Event Timeline included in Event Output

A timeline is now included in the output of Events allowing the user to correlate previous instances of an issue through the Vision Event Page.

SNORT Threshold Added to Snort Event Notification Output

When SNORT Thresholds are exceeded the Event will include details of the Current Threshold.

Current Disk Space Utilisation referenced in High Disk Usage Event Notification Output

When an Event is generated as a result of inadequate Free Disk on the LoadMaster the current Disk Space usage is referenced in the Event.

Total SSL Transactions per second referenced in LoadMaster High CPU Event notification Output

When an event is generated as a result of High CPU Utilisation on LoadMaster the Current SSL Transactions per second is referenced in the Event for correlation of traffic related load issues.

Resolved Issues

KVT-1864      Error Monitoring LoadMaster when Auto Select Mode Option used

KVT-1798      VLM2000 incorrectly identified as End of Life (EoL)

KVT-1787      Disruption to delivery of SMS and Slack Notifications

KVT-1781      Commutations Channel Deletion generated an incorrect ‘Failed’ message

KVT-1755      Email Event Notification Text order incorrect

KVT-1744      Certain license types incorrectly blocked from accessing Vision

KVT-1740      Notification not being received for a Virtual Service Failure.

KVT-1654      Regeneration of Agent Failing

KVT-1558      Regeneration of agent without removing the old Agent Results in Reachability Issues.