Release Notice – Kemp 360 Central 2.10

Release Date June 10th , 2020


Kemp 360 Central Version 2.10 is now available for download at


The Release Notes for this version are available here.


Release Highlights


  • Enable creation of new LoadMaster instances during Application Profile deployment
  • Improved Application Profile deployment performance
  • View LoadMaster instances were certificates are used
  • System health check to identify non-performing components


Upgrading to Version 2.10


The upgrade patch for Kemp 360 Central V2.10 is available here .


Size: 317 MB

Checksum (SHA256):  117c006e22c2b161df3630fcfffb8ac0ab3219ec8ebea012c8ea2a8a4f0a5749


Direct upgrade to V2.10 only works on V2.0 or later systems.

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