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Kemp 360 Vision Release Announcement

Kemp 360 Vision Release Notes are now available here:

Kemp 360 Vision

Kemp 360 Vision is a proactive Application Delivery Monitoring service delivered by Kemp and backed by the Kemp Support team to help users prevent Application Downtime. This is done by collecting key metrics and alerting users of potential issues enabling proactive action to prevent outages.


Kemp 360 Vision June 2020 Release

The most recent Kemp 360 Vision release highlights include

  • Notifications for High volume of Application Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Session connection failures
  • Dell EMC ECS Server Monitoring
  • Inclusion of relevant Knowledgebase Articles in Event output to aid resolution.


Other notable highlights in previous releases include:

  • Monitoring of application Certificates for expiry or incomplete chain of trust
  • Monitoring of GEO resources
  • Enhanced conversational interface options with KempBot.
  • Ability to add notes and review timelines of events for future reference and categorisation



Upgrading will automatically take place if you have enabled “Automatic Updates” in the Vision Agent Configuration Page. If not you can regenerate a new Vision agent with the latest Firmware Version by selecting “Regenerate” in the Vision Agent Configuration Page


Access Vision

Vision can be accessed by navigating to the Vision Web Portal and logging in with a Kemp ID.

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