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Upload an Error File using the API

This article relates to LoadMaster firmware version 7.2.52.

There is a field called Error File in the Not Available Redirection Handling area of the Advanced Properties section of the Virtual Service modify screen. When no Real Servers are available and an error response is to be sent back to the client, the specified file is added to the response. This enables simple error HTML pages to be sent in response to the specified error.

The maximum size of this error page is 16KB.

As of LoadMaster firmware version 7.2.52, it is also possible to upload the error file using the Kemp Application Programming Interface (API). To upload an error file using the RESTful API, run the following command:

curl -u "<Username>:<Password>" -k -X POST --data-binary "@<PathToFile>" "https://<LoadMasterIPAddress>/access/uploadvserrfile?vs=<VirtualServiceID>"

To retrieve the Virtual Service ID, run the listvs command. For example:


For further details on the RESTful API in general, refer to the Long Term Support (LTS) RESTful API Interface Description document.

For PowerShell help, run the Get-Help command for the relevant commands.