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Kemp 360 Central 2.12

Release Date Sept 8th, 2020 


The Release Notes for this version are available here. 


Release Highlights 

  • SSL Profiles – An additional component to the Application Profiles concerning Protocols and Cipher Management 
  • Deployment Scripting – A way to use additional features and automate Application Profiles 
  • LDAP Authentication for User Management 


Download Link



Size: 326 MB 

Checksum (SHA256):  cfc9ebaa704daf9e82660aa4588e5823552bbf2bbfdbd3a55654dd2c51617f17 

Checksum (MD5): 570b5a108747e6dc700cbd028f80da70 


Direct upgrade to V2.12 only works on V2.0 or later systems. 

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