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LoadMaster LMOS Certified USGv6 Firmware

Release Notice: LoadMaster LMOS Certified USGv6 firmware

Release Date: 24th November 2020


Update options from various LMOS versions to

Note: By default, verification of the digital signature on update images is required in LMOS 7.2.50 and above. See the Update Verification Options setting under System Administration > Miscellaneous Options > WUI Settings.


If the unit you are updating is set to require validation, you'll need to supply the following- XML Verification File supplied with this release during the update process:

    • Use this file when updating a LoadMaster running a release that is LMOS 7.2.50 or
    • Use this file when updating a LoadMaster running a release that is LMOS 7.2.51 or greater.

LoadMasters running an LMOS version prior to 7.2.49 do not provide the option of XML file verification in the UI or API. If you are upgrading/downgrading from one of these releases to, you can verify the digital signatures using a manual process documented on the support website.

    • Use this file when verifying the digital signatures using the manual process

Note: The XML file verification is not part of the process of switching the active LoadMaster partition to the LMOS release that was running on LoadMaster before the last update.

Release Highlights


This certification applies:

  • to LMOS version and all subsequent releases that use the same IPv6 stack. This includes all LMOS versions between and the current release (which, as of the publication of this document, was
  • to all LoadMaster platforms: LM-X hardware, Virtual LoadMaster, Cloud-Native LoadMaster, ECS Connection Manager, and BareMetal LoadMaster.


Recommended Reading

For full details on all the firmware updates, consult the LoadMaster Release Notes

The following Configuration Guide has also been created to assist in configuring the LoadMaster for IPv6 Compliance with USGv6 Standards.


Download Links

LM-X1, LM-X3, LM-X15, LM-X25, LM-X40, LM-X40M, LM-XHC-25G, LM-XHC-40G, LM-XHC-100G, LM-2400, LM-3000, LM-3400, LM-4000, LM-5000, LM-5400, LM-5600, LM-8000, LM-8020, LM-8020M, LM-R320


VLM-GEO, VLM-200, VLM-500, VLM-2000, VLM-3000, VLM-5000, VLM-10G, VLM-MAX


Bare Metal

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Microsoft Azure


SHA256: 1eec38df53a6ae79527538beec47461eb24258559e68b911b10cdae3046381dc



1.  In previous releases, there were 3 upgrade images: one for AWS Cloud, one for Azure Cloud, and one for all other platforms. Starting with, there is now a single upgrade image for all platforms.

2.  For AWS and Azure VLMs running firmware versions previous to, you cannot use this upgrade image. To deploy an updated VLM, backup your current VLM configuration and redeploy a new one through the appropriate Marketplace.


NOTE: This firmware is not suitable for VLM-100, VLM-1000, LM-GEO, LM-1500, LM-2000, LM-2200, LM-2500, LM-2600, LM-3500, LM-3600, LM-5300, LM-5500, LM-DR, and the LM-Exchange.

If you do not see your model number listed, please see our End of Life models specified here.

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