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Network Telemetry

As of firmware version 7.2.53 (and Long Term Support (LTS) version, the LoadMaster can monitor the network traffic traversing its interfaces and generate rich network telemetry in IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) format.

IPFIX is a flow export standard used to identify and collect application and transaction data in a network infrastructure. Flow data provides visibility into application traffic utilization and structure at any time, enabling you to report on key network performance metrics related to application workload. This is often leveraged as an alternative to full packet capture and analysis for ongoing monitoring of a network infrastructure. Various network devices including switches, firewalls, load balancers, and routers typically provide flow-based feeds to collectors and then are analyzed by a performance monitoring and analytics toolset.

The LoadMaster is now able to participate in providing flow data visibility in conjunction with a compatible IPFIX data analysis system. Kemp recommends using the Flowmon Collector for this data analysis.

For further details on Network Telemetry in general, refer to the Network Telemetry Feature Description.