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Release Notice: LoadMaster LMOS LTS

Release Notice: LoadMaster LMOS LTS

Release Date: 24th March 2021


Update Image Verification:

By default, verification of the digital signature on upgrade images is required in LMOS 7.2.50 and above. See the Update Verification Options setting under System Administration > Miscellaneous Options > WUI Settings. If the unit you are upgrading is set to require validation, you'll need to supply the XML Verification File supplied with this release.

Note that:

  • In previous releases, two verification files were provided: one for pre-7.2.51 systems and one for later systems. This restriction has been removed with this release; use the same XML file regardless of the LMOS version from which you are upgrading.
  • LoadMasters running an LMOS version prior to 7.2.49 do not provide the option of XML file verification in the UI or API. If you are upgrading from one of these releases to this release, you can verify the digital signatures offline using a manual process documented on the support website.

If you are currently running LMOS 7.1.x or an earlier version, please see the article Kemp LoadMaster Firmware Upgrade Path for full upgrade path information.


Release Highlights:

New Features:

  • Network Telemetry
    • LMOS version expands the value it provides to customers with native support for the export of Network Telemetry data to external collection and analysis devices – such as Kemp Flowmon Collector.

      It does this by combining the power of the data available to LoadMaster (by virtue of being a key link in the application delivery chain) with the power of the Kemp Flowmon Probe’s ability to compile and export NetFlow/IPFIX telemetry data.

Change Notices:

  • LoadMaster Licensing FQDN Change
    • As of LoadMaster firmware version the LoadMaster licensing Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) has changed. Previously, the FQDN was Now, it is In some scenarios, Kemp recommends adding the licensing FQDN as an allowed URL on your firewall to ensure all licensing features work, including the downloading and updating of Web Application Firewall (WAF) rules 

Security Updates:

  • NTLM Proxy Mode
    • A new NTLM Proxy Mode option has been added that changes the behavior of NTLM to utilize the Real Server as a proxy for NTLM authentication validation, improving the security of the overall deployment.


Download Links:

Download Current LTS Version -


Recommended Reading:

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