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Flowmon Collector

As of LoadMaster 7.2.53 version you can now download and install the Flowmon probe.  The probe will gather data and send it to a Flowmon collector.  The network telemetry probe can analyze the traffic on your LoadMaster, find anomalies, notice dropped traffic, packet analysis, and much more.  For the probe to function fully though you will need the Flowmon Collector.  The collector gathers all the data from the probe so it can be analyzed and viewed.


Once on version 7.2.53, you can go to the Network Telemetry section on the LoadMaster.  Here you can download the Flowmon collector.  You can install it on three platforms: VMware, Hyper-V, and a KVM/Linux box.  For the recommended specs please visit the link below.

Flowmon Collector Specs

Once the collector is installed you can then download the probe on the LoadMaster.  Your LoadMaster will need internet access to download automatically or you can use the link below to manually download the collector. 

Network Telemetry Add-On

Once it is installed you will need to configure the collector endpoint IP and tell it which interface to export flow data from.  Generally speaking, this will be any production interface.


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