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GEO Release Notes

GEO Version is a bug-fix release made available in April 2021. Please read the sections below before installing or upgrading.

These notes list the features, changes, and fixes related directly to GEO product functionality. For a list of the new features, changes, and fixes in the base LMOS system on which GEO is running, please see the the LoadMaster Release Notes for LMOS 7.2.54.

Upgrade Notes

Please see the LoadMaster Release Notes for LMOS 7.2.54 for a list of supported models for this release as well as for other upgrade notes, including information on validating the update image's digital signature.

Issues Resolved

PD-16495 GEO: Fixed an issue where adding an IP address of to an FQDN caused issues. Now, is blocked from being added to an FQDN.
PD-16113 GEO: LoadMaster adds the Global TTL to TXT records when local settings are enabled on the FQDN. This issue has been fixed; now, the Local TTL is added when local settings are enabled.
PD-15396 GEO: Fixed an issue that caused LM to send a spurious "KEMP GEO" TXT record in DNS responses, if the TXT record field is empty and the queried FQDN is not a sub-domain of the ZoneName.

New Known Issues

PD-16140 GEO: TXT records are blank after 1024 IP addresses are added to an FQDN.

Existing Known Issues

PD-15633 GEO: If you add a Zone Name to GEO after you have created working FQDNs, GEO may no longer respond to queries for one or more of the FQDNs after the Zone Name is added. The workaround is to remove and then re-add the FQDNs that are no longer working.
PD-10586 GEO: If a GEO FQDN is configured with All Available as the Selection Criteria, IP addresses are returned even if the cluster is disabled.
PD-9765 GEO: DNS TCP requests from unknown sources are not supported.