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Welcome Flowmon Users

We at Kemp are very happy to welcome all users of the Flowmon products to the Kemp Support portal. Users of Flowmon products are now welcome to submit support requests using this portal.

Simply click on Submit a Request and select "Flowmon" from the drop-down menu.


Users can view support requests for Flowmon and/or LoadMaster on the My Activities page. The addition of Flowmon products to My Inventory is planned and awaiting a release date.

Flowmon users can also find product Documentation and Knowledge Base content on this portal.

For those who prefer to submit requests on the Flowmon Support portal, you may still do so. This option will remain open to users until the Flowmon Support portal is decommissioned. An announcement regarding the decommissioning of that portal will be made at a later date.

We look forward to serving all of our LoadMaster and Flowmon customers. Thank You.