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AxF Connector Explained

Connector Requirement

To use AxF, you will need to deploy at least one Connector in your network to monitor your Application Delivery Infrastructure. The connector is a Virtual appliance that is deployed on site and acts as a bridge between the managed loadMasters and the AxF Cloud through which AxF is accessed.


At minimum to use AxF you need at least one connector with at least one LoadMaster connected



For multi site environments and where multiple LoadMasters are managed the AxF Tenant/Account may have multiple Connectors and each Connector may manage multiple LoadMasters



Role of Connector

The Connector performs the following roles to delivery optimal Application Experience

1. Gathers Metrics from managed LoadMaster and sends to AxF Cloud

This Connector utilises the LoadMaster API to gather metrics and state information from managed LoadMaster.

will report back network metrics to the AxF Cloud. In order to enable this, you will need to allow communication from the Connector to the AxF Cloud. This Communication requires https traffic to be sent and appropriate Firewall Rules should be present to enable this outbound communication.

2. Acts as syslog receiver from LoadMaster

In order to provide details of configuration events and detect issues the LoadMaster, The Connector acts as a syslog destination for LoadMaster logs.

3. Filter and Report information to AxF Cloud

Once this information is gathered the Connector will aggregate data and report this to AxF Cloud.

4. Manages Licenses of LoadMasters

Where LoadMaster Licenses are being managed through AxF, the Connector is the device that will automat the provisioning and revocation of licenses on managed devices.