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Investigating potential LoadMaster performance issues


Like all software appliances, factors such as excessive traffic volumes or software errors can result in performance issues or unexpected reboot(s). With High Availability in place this can be ensured to have minimal impact on application service.

In any case it is important to investigate and diagnose any such issues. With the right investigating and diagnoses these can easily be identified and prevented.

Below are some checks that can be performed if there appears to be any performance issues or unexpected restarts of the LoadMaster device.


Determine CPU and Network Metrics

One of the first things to check are CPOU and Network Metrics. These should give an indication of whether the LoadMaster is operating within healthy boundaries and can also point to potential issues if present. See here for details 


Identify Processes running on LM

Where issues exist it may be useful to identify all processes running on the LoadMaster as this may point to unexpected processes consuming resources. See here for details on how to 


LoadMaster Resource Utilisation

All Hardware and Software Load Balancers have finite resources. It is useful to understand the different aspects of application Delivery and how these might impact on Load Master performance. See here for LoadMaster Resource Utilisation breakdown