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Release Notice – Kemp 360 Central 2.13

Release Date Feb 24th 2022

Kemp 360 Central Version 2.13 is now available for download at 

The Release Notes for this version are available here. 


Release Highlights 


  • Major Security Footprint Upgrade

    We have updated our base operating systems to the current Ubuntu LTS to address many security risks we have identified. Along with the base OS upgrade we have upgraded and removed a number of internal libraries as well to maintain a proper security footprint.


Upgrading to Version 2.13 


Upgrading to Version 2.13 requires a fresh install. It is not possible to upgrade from prior versions. In order to retain all configuration information we recommend taking a backup from version 2.12. Backup/restore functions on 2.13 are only supporting 2.12 backups currently.


Any MELA or Pooled customers, please work with our support team to migrate the licensing and specific steps.

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