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Flowmon 12.2 Documentation

User Guide

An up-to-date user guide is bundled with every appliance. The guide can be accessed via the question mark icon in the upper right corner of the web interface.



Deployment Guide for Virtual Appliances

A set of step-by-step guides describing the deployment of Flowmon Probe and/or Collector in supported platforms. Currently supported platforms are VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. This document also includes instructions for deployments using vTAP (native or 3rd-party) and cloud-native flow log sources.


Solution Maintenance Guide

A how-to for performing maintenance and troubleshooting of the product.


Pre-installation Manual for Hardware Appliances

A list of requirements and suggestions for the deployment of Kemp Flowmon hardware appliances.


Appliance Recovery Guide

A how-to for performing the recovery of hardware-based appliances.


Quick Start Guide for Flowmon Distributed Architecture

A step-by-step guide for deploying Flowmon Collector appliances in Distributed Architecture (DA).


User Identity Awareness in Flowmon

What is the concept of user identity awareness in Flowmon? How to integrate it with Microsoft Active Directory authentication services and potentially other network access control products? In this document you will find a comprehensive summary of Flowmon's identity awareness features.


Configuration Import Guide

Flowmon supports the import and export of its full configuration in XML. This document explains how to import a profile using exported XML configuration.


iDRAC Quick Start Guide

Technical reference for iDRAC configuration (Express and Enterprise) on hardware-based Flowmon Probes and Collectors.


Application Classification Support (NBAR2)

List of supported network protocols and applications recognized by Flowmon Probe.

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