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How to regain access to the LoadMaster if access is lost when modifying the Admin Default Gateway





How to regain access to the LoadMaster if the Admin Default Gateway is changed and access is lost


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description:

If the Admin Default Gateway is changed, a machine attempting to connect to the LoadMaster Web UI may be unable to if an asymmetric route is formed.

Steps to Reproduce: Change the Admin Default Gateway
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Cause: Changing to admin Default Gateway to a network interface other than where the client is connecting from, an asymmetric route could form and cause access to fail.
  • SSH (if on a local network) or Console into the device.
  • Navigate to Local Administration > Web Address
  • View or modify the address that the LoadMaster is listening on for admin access.
  • Change the listening IP, or connect from a client on the same network that the LM is listening on to avoid the Default Gateway being used.
  • Once Web UI access is regained, navigate to Certificates & Security > Remote Access > Admin Default Gateway to change this back to the appropriate IP address.

Connect from a client on the same network that the Admin Default Gateway was changed to.

Enable “Allow Multi Interface Access” under remote access to help prevent this type of scenario in the future by permitting Admin access through multiple interfaces.


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