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How to set persistence





How to set persistence on a Virtual Service


Product: LoadMaster

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There is a need for all requests from an individual client to be sent to the same server within a server farm.

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  • Go inside your Virtual Service to "Standard Options"
  • persistence.PNG
  • Once there, you can select the drop down next to the Persistence Options to set a persistence option.
  • There is also a configurable timeout value that determines how long the persistence for each user is honored.
  • Persistence can also be set at the Sub VS level.  If you set it at the sub VS level, it takes precedence over the main VS.
  • To enable Share SubVS Persistence navigate to System Configuration > Miscellaneous Options > L7 Configuration.  This will allow all subVSs to share the information.  Setting this will require a reboot to activate.
  • L7_Config.PNG

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