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VMware Tools Add-On Package

1 Introduction

It is possible to install add-on packages in the Kemp LoadMaster. Add-on packages provide features that are additional to those already included in the LoadMaster.


The Virtual LoadMaster is VMware ready. The VMware Tools add-on package comes pre-installed on all new VMware Virtual LoadMasters as of firmware version 7.0-14. It is not possible to install add-on packages on pre-7.0-14 firmware. If needed, you can upgrade the LoadMaster firmware to version 7.0-14 or above and then install the add-on package.

If the VMware Tools Add-On package was pre-installed on the LoadMaster it is not possible to delete it.

In System Configuration > System Administration > Update Software screen, if an installed add-on package cannot be started, the text will display in red the hover text will say the package could not be started.

This add-on package provides additional functionality in VMware vSphere, Workstation and Player. It provides the ability to shut down and restart the guest cleanly.

1.1 Document Purpose

The purpose of this document is to educate the reader about the VMware Tools Add-On package.

1.2 Intended Audience

This document is intended to be read by anyone who is interested in learning about the VMware Tools add-on package.

2 VMware Tools Add-On Package

The additional functionality provided by the VMware Tools add-on package is described below.

2.1 Power Off vs. Shut Down Guest

Using the power off button abruptly powers off the Virtual Machine, with no consideration for work in progress. This can damage the file system. If a Virtual Machine is writing to disk when it receives a Power Off command, data corruption may occur.

Shutting down the guest ensures that the operating system recognizes the signal and shuts down gracefully. This protects the file system.

The Kemp VMware Tools add-on package allows you to shut down or restart the guest, as opposed to abruptly powering off or restarting.

2.2 Shut Down/Restart Guest in vSphere

Shut Down Restart Guest in.png

To shut down or restart the guest in vSphere, right-click the relevant Virtual Machine and select either Shut Down Guest or Restart Guest.

These options will be greyed out if the VMware Tools add-on package is not installed on the LoadMaster.

2.3 Shut Down Guest in Workstation

To shut down the guest in VMware Workstation, select the Virtual Machine, select VM > Power > Shut Down Guest.

2.4 Additional Information on Summary Screen in vSphere

Additional Information on.png

When the VMware Tools add-on package is installed, additional information will be displayed on the Summary screen in VMware vSphere, for example:

The Guest OS will be SUSE Linux

The VMware Tools field will say Running (3rd-party/Independent)

The IP Addresses field will display the IP address of the LoadMaster WUI

The DNS Name will be displayed

There will be options to Shut Down Guest and Restart Guest

3 References

Unless otherwise specified, the following documents can be found at

Web User Interface (WUI), Configuration Guide

Last Updated Date

This document was last updated on 10 March 2022.

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