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Migrate Kemp 360 Central





Would like to migrate Kemp 360 Central


Product: Kemp 360 Central

Version: Any

Platform: Virtual

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description:

Would like to migrate Kemp 360 Central

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Cause: One potential reason is moving from our 2.12 version to our 2.13 version, Kemp 360 central must be redeployed.
  • Option One: redeploying and restoring the backup in the new machine. Once the new machine is up and running, reach out to Support and the license will be adjusted from a Trial to a Perm.
  • To take a backup on 360 Central go to: Settings and Configuration > Backup & Restore.  On the new deployment, this is the same place the backup will be restored. 
  • Option Two:  If this is a MELA Kemp 360, move the existing KEMP360 VM to from one data center to the new data center.  Once that is completed, configure with the new IP address, gateway, DNS servers via VM console. There will be a need to re-license/update the license of MELA LoadMasters. Before making the move, please make sure the MAC address of the machines are set to static.
Notes: Kemp 360 Central "Running Obsolete Version of Ubuntu" – Kemp Support (

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