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GUI returns Error 500





When accessing Flowmon GUI, server returns Error 500 and GUI cannot be accessed


Product:Flowmon OS


Platform: all

Question/Problem Description:

When accessing Flowmon GUI, server returns Error 500 and GUI cannot be accessed

Steps to Reproduce:  
Error Message:  
Defect Number: FLMON-7808
Enhancement Number:  

Internal database doesn't respond

Known situation:

  • Number of connections was depleted
  • Corrupted database
  • Database is not running
  • Unfinished Flowmon OS update
  • Problem with postgresql certificates

Try to download appliance logs from a command line and provide them into the case.

The most common resolution is a remote session with the Flowmon support team to investigate Postgresql problem.

  1. Problem with postgresql certificates
    If you get Error 500 after you generated https/potgresql certificates in GUI, try resetting them from command line
    IMPORTANT: Incorrect answer could result in clear configuration or data history
    Login to ssh as  flowmon user
    Run the following command:
    Answer Y for the question "Do you want to restore default HTTPS, PostgreSQL SSL and CA certificates?". Answer to all other questions is N.
  2. Installing incompatible modules to FOS 12.3
    ADS 12.1 and Data Retention 5.0 are incompatible with FOS 12.3, but the system allows installation. After the installation, the GUI becomes unavailable and shows error 500. The solution is to install ADS 12.2 or Data Retention 5.1 manually via SSH.
    Download the proper upgrade package on the support portal. Copy the package via SCP (for example, with WinSCP tool) to /home/flowmon/ folder and run:
    sudo <path_to_upgrade_package>
    After the upgrade, GUI becomes available again.

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