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Different SubVS's for internal and external clients based on the source IP Address.





Customers might have different applications or URLs for external and internal clients and based on the source IP Address, clients should connect to a specific application. 


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any.

Platform: Any.

Application: Any.

Question/Problem Description:

Traffic needs to be steered for internal and external clients since different applications/servers are required for internal and external clients.

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This will be done with the help of SubVS's (one for private clients and one for public clients). The steps are as follow:

1. Create a Virtual Service and add two SubVS's. Assign a relevant name to each SubVS.

2. Inside the SubVS's, add the respective servers (public servers in the public SubVS and private servers in the private SubVS).

3. After making sure that the servers are passing health check, we'll proceed with the creation of the content rules to match on the source IP Address.

4. In the Rules & Checking > Content Rules tab, we click on create new and create a rule as follow:

NOTE: in this example, we only the class B set of private address ( -

Created these rules using the following:
Rule Type = Content Matching
Match Type = Regular Expression
Header Field = src-ip

Match String: 172\.(1[6-9]|2\d|3[01])(\.([1-9]?\d|[12]\d\d)){2}

5. Go back to the virtual service and enable Content Switching under the Advanced Properties. Then, in the SubVS section, assign the new rule to the private SubVS and the default rule to the public SubVS.

The logic is that any client with an IP Address that is not explicitatly stated as a content matching rule, will be handled by the public SubVS.


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