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Update loadmaster license after support renewal/loadmaster model upgrade





EU recently renewed their support contract/upgraded their loadmaster model and wanted to know how to update the license.


Product: VLM-3000

Version: 7.2.56

Platform: VMWare

Application: Exchange, IIS, Horizon View

Question/Problem Description:

EU needs to update their license after purchasing a new support contract and a new loadmaster model.

Steps to Reproduce: N/A
Error Message: Subscription will expire soon.
Defect Number: N/A
Enhancement Number: N/A
Cause: License needing to be updated.
Resolution: EU just needed to update the license on their LM:
  1. On both loadmasters, we updated the license successfully. System Configuration > System Administration > License Management
  2. Since EU is upgrading the model, a reboot will also eventually be required to turn the units into VLM-3000s.
  3. After updating the license, a reboot will be recommended, but the loadmaster will not reboot on its own.
  4. EU will wait until after hours to reboot.
Workaround: N/A

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