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How to upgrade firmware





How to upgrade firmware


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How to upgrade firmware

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  • Recommended to take a backup of the configuration and certificates before updating as a best practice.
  • Firmware can be upgraded by navigating to System Configuration > System Administration > Updates Software > Upload the update file and XML file (if desired) > Update machine. Once clicked, confirm that you'd like to upgrade. At the end of the process, the LoadMaster will reboot.
  • If running HA, the admin may choose to update the standby unit first to minimize downtime. Otherwise, it is also legitimate to update from the Shared IP twice: once for the master, a failover will then trigger when the machine is rebooted, and then the second time for the former standby unit (which will have become the active).
  • License Disallows Any Further Software Updates indicates that the Support License/Subscription License on the LoadMaster has expired, or has not been recently updated to reflect the current version of the Support/Subscription contract, that is available on the Kemp license database.  Once subscription is renewed and license is updated, you will be able to upgrade firmware.
  • Be aware that if your machine is running firmware earlier than version 7.2.54, an upgrade path must be followed (linked in the notes section).
  • Upgrade_Path.png

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