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SSL scan to show certificate chain length





Wanted to know why the ssl scan to site through the virtual service had a shorter cert chain compared to the scan direct to the server.


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description:

Running a scan to both hosts (one direct to server and the other to their virtual service) shows a different in certificate chains.

There is already an intermediate certificate installed on the loadmaster to cover any possible incomplete certificate chain issues

Steps to Reproduce: Run a scan to the site hostname using an ssl scanner such as ssllabs or sslshopper
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Cause: Server just happens to use different intermediate certificates for the chain of trust, but this is not inherently an issue as long as the scan to the VIP shows a valid, and complete chain of trust.
  • Judging by the scan that was done via ssllabs, it does not appear any intermediate/root certs need to be currently added.
  • Ran a scan to the site using Qualys SSL Labs scan, and that returned an "A+" rating, with no apparent SSL cert chain.
  • The intermediate certificate currently installed looks to be sufficient enough already.

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