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How to add a network to the Loadmaster





How to add a network to the LoadMaster to load balance traffic for additional networks.


Product: LoadMaster

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Wondering if the current appliances can be configured to load balance our DMZ network in addition, which is on a different subnet.

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The two reasons to add another network to your LoadMaster are:

1. You'd like to create a Virtual Service on that network.

2. Your network architecture requires that your real servers be on a network local to the LoadMaster


Networks can be added in two ways:

  • If the VLAN is untagged, simply add the IP in CIDR notation to one of your interfaces. Note, this may mean that you need to add an additional NIC to the LoadMaster.
  • If the VLAN is tagged, you'll need to navigate to System Configuration > Network Setup > modify your desired interface > VLAN Configuration > type your VLAN number > Add New VLAN. The screen will refresh. Navigate back to Network Setup and find your VLAN from the drop-down menu. You're free to add your IP in CIDR notation to your VLAN interface.


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