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Can't access virtual services.





Customers can't access any of the services in the LoadMaster.


Product: LoadMaster

Version: 7.2.56

Platform: Any.

Application: Any.

Question/Problem Description:

When trying to connect to the any of the virtual services, clients would get a connection timeout.

Steps to Reproduce:  
Error Message: "Connection Timeout"
Defect Number:  
Enhancement Number:  
Cause: Firewall misconfiguration
  • A packet capture can be taken to analyze the traffic flow. (System Configuration > Troubleshooting > TCP Dump).
  • When looking at the packet capture, we saw the client sending the SYN, the LoadMaster replied with the TCP SYN/ACK, but the client returned a RST/ACK. This means that the client never got the SYN/ACK from the LoadMaster and eventually sent a connection reset.
  • In cases like this, any outbound firewall rules need to be investigated.

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