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How to append an URI to a server-side request





How can the LoadMaster seemlessly send users to a different URL.


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: IIS

Question/Problem Description:

Is it possible for the LoadMaster to append an URI to a client request so the client thinks that it is taking to the root "/" instead of the actual web directory?

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Cause: Make a redirection invisible to clients.
  • This can be done with the use of Content Rules.
  • To create a rule go to Rules & Checking > Content Rules > Add New.
  • We need a Modify URL rule type and it should look like the following:

Rule Type: Modify URL
Match String: /*\/$/
Modified URL: /test

In the example, the LoadMaster will match on the root and append /test to the HTTP request.

  • Then, go the Virtual Service > Advanced Properties > Show Header Modification Rules > Add the rule we just created as a Request Rule.

This will cause the client side request request to be to the root (i.e., and the server side request to be to /test (i.e., .


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