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WAF is not blocking web based attacks





WAF is enabled in a Virtual Service and some http attacks are not blocked by the WAF rules.


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any 

Platform: Any

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description:

WAF is enabled in a Virtual Service and some http attack are not blocked by the WAF rules. The rules are being triggered but the WAF engine is allowing the requests to flow as normal.

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Cause: Requests are not hitting the anomaly score threshold.
  • For each request, every triggered detection raises the anomaly score, most rules having a score of 5. If the cumulative anomaly score per request hits the configured limit, the request will be blocked. The default value is 100 and allowable range is 1 to 10000.
  • If requests are not being blocked, the anomaly score is not being exceeded. 
  • By default the score is 100. For instance, if a request triggers 20 critical rules (each rule with a score of 5), then it should be blocked since it would reach the threshold.
  • You could lower the threshold if you want to see the requests blocked but in doing so, you could put the WAF in a very sensitive state and end up blocking legitimate traffic.

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