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Perform a hostname redirect





Wanted a way to perform a FQDN redirect


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: Any

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Cause: Needed to redirect traffic

This can be done in a few different ways. You can have the redirect visible to the user in the web browser, as well as invisible.

1. If you are looking to perform a visible redirect, you can do so by setting a "Not Available Redirection Handling" URL.
2. To do this, you would create a content matching rule, which matches on the incoming hostname. (/^server$/) and set this to fail on match.  These rules can only be applied on Services in which SSL Acceleration is enabled.  
Host match rule:
3. You would then navigate to the relevant VS, and apply the rule under Advanced Properties > HTTP Selection Rules, and add the desired redirect to under "Not Available Redirection Handling"


  • Another way to accomplish this would be an invisible redirect. This can be accomplished simply by creating a Replace Header content rule.
  • Rule type: Replace Header
    Header: Host
    Match String: /^www\.domain\.com$/
    Replace with:


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