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License shows as expired





The LoadMaster's license shows as expired, even after Support is renewed


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description:

The license shows as expired but we did renew.

Steps to Reproduce:

Update Supported but didn't update the license.  Log in and view the License information presented in the Home page of the Web User Interface(WUI).

Error Message:  
Defect Number:  
Enhancement Number:  
Cause: The license was renewed, but the license wasn't updated from the LoadMaster.
  • Need to update the LoadMaster's license.
  • To update your license, please go to the System Configuration > System Administration > Update License/License Management option in the main menu of the LoadMaster WUI. There are two ways in which you can update the license - using the online method or the offline method. A drop-down list is provided on this page to select the chosen method.

  • Enter the Kemp ID in the Kemp Identifier text box, followed by your Password, then click Update License.

  • After your license has been validated, you will get a pop up message recommending a reboot of your machine.  The LoadMaster will NOT force a reboot and you may do this at a later time at your earliest convenience.  If your updated license has new features that have been added, you will not see them until the machine has been rebooted.


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Domingo Limo

IDA has tried licensing but it fails using the either the ONLINE or OFFLINE method.  We attempted to license using a browser from Mike's Bomba system and that attempt failed as well.



Wang Zhan

Subscription License "Enterprise Plus" (UUID:"98a5d399-970b-4de5-96df-2d05af3991ff") EXPIRED on Thu Aug 11 2022. Please contact Kemp Customer Support or your Sales Representative immediately to renew your subscription. Failure to do so may cause the LoadMaster to stop working.

Can you check we renewed licenses?


Wang Zhan