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PowerShell Breaking Changes

1 Introduction

In version v7. of the Kemp PowerShell module, a number of improvements were made. This included:

Improving the output of the commands

Renaming a number of commands to ensure the naming convention adheres to Microsoft guidelines. Refer to the following Microsoft page for further information on the guidelines:

Improvements to parameter values, such as changing some parameter value inputs from integer to string to better match the values in the LoadMaster Web User Interface (WUI)

As a result of these changes, the new version of the PowerShell module is not backwards compatible and scripts written for a version before v7. may not function correctly.

To check what version of the Kemp PowerShell module you are using, run the following command:

Get-Module Kemp.LoadBalancer.Powershell

1.1 Document Purpose

This document outlines some of the major changes made to the PowerShell module. Being aware of these changes can help if you need to update any scripts written for older Kemp PowerShell modules.

For further details on the Kemp PowerShell module, refer to the PowerShell Interface Description document on the Kemp documentation page.

1.2 Intended Audience

This document is intended to assist any users who may have written scripts for an older version of the Kemp PowerShell module and now need to update these scripts to reflect a newer module version.

2 Object Structure

Before version of the Kemp PowerShell wrapper, the output format did not have a defined standard - each commandlet had variable structure and output.

In the version of the wrapper, improvements were made to the output structure. All commands (except Test-LmServerConnection) return a PowerShell object with the following structure:

The Test-LmServerConnection command returns True if the LoadMaster is reachable by the API, False if not (or if the API interface is disabled on the LoadMaster).

ReturnCode (integer)

Response (string)

Data (PowerShell object, if any)

As a result of the new object structure, the current Kemp PowerShell wrapper is not compatible with scripts written based on an older version of the Kemp PowerShell wrapper (before version

The possible values for the ReturnCode field are:

200: The command completed successfully

4xx/500: The command ended with an error. The error code depends on the error type.

The possible values for the Response field are:

Command successfully executed

Description of the error when the command fails, for example Unknown parameter value lmversion.

The Data field contains the response, if any. The structure of this field depends on the command. The elements of this field can be accessed using the "dot" notation. If the command fails, this field is empty.

Example 1: Retreive the installed LoadMaster firmware version:

$lma = Get-LmParameter -Param version -LoadBalancer -SubjectCN user1

$lma | Format-List

ReturnCode : 200

Response   : Command successfully executed.

Data       : @{version=}



Example 2: Retreive the available licenses for a specific Order ID:

$licDet = Get-LicenseType -KempId -Password ExamplePassword -LoadBalancer -Credential bal -OrderId Example20170517

$licDet | Format-List

ReturnCode : 200

Response   : Command successfully executed.

Data       : @{License=System.Object[]}



id            : 0632b88b577c71591798268bcd4e01132f082309

name          : VLM-5000 ESP GEO with Basic 2 Years

available     : 1

description   : VLM-5000 ESP GEO with Basic 2 Years

tethered      : False

LicenseStatus : Permanent License

BuyMoreAt     :

id            : fc488d991cffb7a5958625427d6bfb0b3edc008e

name          : VLM-5000 WAF GEO with Basic 3 Years

available     : 1

description   : VLM-5000 WAF GEO with Basic 3 Years

tethered      : False

LicenseStatus : Permanent License

BuyMoreAt     :

name          : VLM-5000 with Enterprise Plus subscription

available     : 1

tethered      : 0

id            : 3eb92178611573946b422cf8d0df69d04c07fede

LicenseStatus : Temp License

description   : VLM-5000 with Enterprise Plus subscription

BuyMoreAt     :

In the above example, the $licDet.Data.License is an array and each single element of the array can be accessed using the "[]" notation. For example, to access the field name of the second element of the previous array we have to use the following notation: $licDet.Data.License[1].name. The index of the array starts from 0. The NULL object is returned if we try to access a non-existing element.

The benefits of the structure of the command answers are:

It is easy to check for success/error (ReturnCode)

There is a short description (Response)

The Data field returns a PowerShell object when successful and null when there is an error

2.1 Errors

If the error is a functional one (for example using the wrong credentials, parameter value or LoadMaster IP address) the cmdlet returns a PowerShell object, as described, with a ReturnCode containing the code of the error and with Response containing the description of the error that has occurred.

For example: Try to get the firmware version installed on the LoadMaster using an invalid certificate (installed in the Windows machine but not belonging to any user inside the LoadMaster):

$lma = Get-LmParameter -Param version -LoadBalancer -SubjectCN user1


ReturnCode Response                                                Data

---------- --------                                                 ----

       401 The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.    

If the error is due to a wrong/missing mandatory input, the cmdlet throws an exception. These types of errors do not return a ReturnCode because an exception has been thrown. The execution of the command is halted.

For example: Get the firmware version installed on the LoadMaster using a certificate not installed in the Windows machine:

$lma = Get-LmParameter -Param version -LoadBalancer `

                                                      -SubjectCN invalidcertificate

ERROR: Can't find a certificate with "invalidcertificate" as CN in the default Cert:\CurrentUser\My store.

At C:\Users\ExampleUser\Work\Kemp.LoadBalancer.Powershell\Kemp.LoadBalancer.Powershell.psm1:273 char:5

+                 Throw $errStr

+                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    + CategoryInfo          : OperationStopped: (ERROR: Can't fi...tUser\My store.:String) [], RuntimeException

    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ERROR: Can't find a certificate with "invalidcertificate" as CN in the default Cert:\CurrentUser\My store.

For example: Get the firmware version installed on the LoadMaster without credentials/certificate:

$lma = Get-LmParameter -Param version -LoadBalancer

ERROR: login method param is empty. Credentials or SubjectCN must be specified.

At C:\Users\ExampleUser\Work\Kemp.LoadBalancer.Powershell\Kemp.LoadBalancer.Powershell.psm1:244 char:3

+         Throw $errStr

+         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    + CategoryInfo          : OperationStopped: (ERROR: login me...t be specified.:String) [], RuntimeException

    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ERROR: login method param is empty. Credentials or SubjectCN must be specified.


The connection drops if more than 30 calls are performed in less than 3 seconds over all API interfaces.

3 Deprecated Cmdlets and Replacements

A number of commands have been deprecated and replaced with new commands with different names. Refer to the sections below for a list of deprecated cmdlets and replacements.

These deprecated commands were removed completely in the 7.2.57 release.

3.1 Template Cmdlets

Deprecated cmdlet Replacement cmdlet
ExportVSTemplate Export-VSTemplate
UploadTemplate Install-Template
DeleteTemplate Remove-Template
ListTemplates Get-Template

3.2 Logging Cmdlets

Deprecated cmdlet Replacement cmdlet
Get-EmailOption Get-LogEmailConfiguration
Set-EmailOption Set-LogEmailConfiguration
Get-SyslogOption Get-LogSyslogConfiguration
Set-SyslogOption Set-LogSyslogConfiguration
Get-Statistics Get-LogStatistics

3.3 SSO Cmdlets

Deprecated cmdlet Replacement cmdlet
UploadRSAConfigurationFile Install-SSORSAConfigurationFile
UploadRSANodeSecretAndPassword Install-SSORSANodeSecretAndPassword
FlushSsoCache Clear-SSOCache

3.4 Network Cmdlets

Deprecated cmdlet Replacement cmdlet
ListIfconfig Get-LmNetworkInterface
Get-NetworkOptions Get-NetworkConfiguration
Set-NetworkOptions Set-NetworkConfiguration
Get-DNSConfiguration Get-NetworkDNSConfiguration
Set-DNSConfiguration Set-NetworkDNSConfiguration
Update-LmDNSCache Update-NetworkDNSCache
Get-SNMPOption Get-NetworkSNMPConfiguration
Set-SNMPOption Set-NetworkSNMPConfiguration
Get-Interface Get-NetworkInterface
Set-Interface Set-NetworkInterface
Add-InterfaceAddress New-NetworkInterfaceAdditionalAddress
Remove-InterfaceAddress Remove-NetworkInterfaceAdditionalAddress
Get-Route Get-NetworkRoute
New-Route New-NetworkRoute
Remove-Route Remove-NetworkRoute
Register-BondedInterface Register-NetworkBondedInterface
Unregister-BondedInterface Unregister-NetworkBondedInterface
Add-BondedInterface New-NetworkBondedInterface
Remove-BondedInterface Remove-NetworkBondedInterface
Add-Vlan New-NetworkVLAN
Remove-Vlan Remove-NetworkVLAN
Add-VxLan New-NetworkVxLAN
Remove-VxLan Remove-NetworkVxLAN

3.5 Application Delivery Cmdlets

Deprecated cmdlet Replacement cmdlet
New-VirtualService New-AdcVirtualService
Get-VirtualService Get-AdcVirtualService
Set-VirtualService Set-AdcVirtualService
Remove-VirtualService Remove-AdcVirtualService
New-RealServer New-AdcRealServer
Remove-RealServer Remove-AdcRealServer
Set-RealServer Set-AdcRealServer
Get-RealServer Get-AdcRealServer
Enable-RealServer Enable-AdcRealServer
Disable-RealServer Disable-AdcRealServer
Remove-AdcVirtualServerRule Remove-AdcVirtualServiceRule
Remove-VirtualServerRule Remove-AdcVirtualServiceRule
New-RealServerRule New-AdcRealServerRule
Remove-RealServerRule Remove-AdcRealServerRule
New-Rule New-AdcContentRule
Remove-Rule Remove-AdcContentRule
Set-Rule Set-AdcContentRule
Get-Rule Get-AdcContentRule
Get-L7Configuration Get-AdcL7Configuration
Set-L7Configuration Set-AdcL7Configuration
Get-LogSplitInterval Get-AdcL7LogInsightSplitConfiguration
Set-LogSplitInterval Set-AdcL7LogInsightSplitConfiguration
Get-ServiceHealth Get-AdcServiceHealth
Set-ServiceHealth Set-AdcServiceHealth
Add-NoCompressExtension New-AdcHttpCompressionException
Remove-NoCompressExtension Remove-AdcServiceHealth
Add-NoCacheExtension New-AdcHttpCacheException
Remove-NoCacheExtension Remove-AdcHttpCacheException
Get-AdaptiveCheck Get-AdcAdaptiveHealthCheck
Set-AdaptiveCheck Set-AdcAdaptiveHealthCheck
VSAddWafRule New-AdcVsWafRule
VSRemoveWafRule Remove-AdcVsWafRule
VSListWafRuleIds Get-AdcVsWafRule

3.6 Security Cmdlets

Deprecated cmdlet Replacement cmdlet
Set-AdminAccess Set-SecAdminAccess
Get-WUIAuth Get-SecWuiAuthentication
Set-WUIAuth Set-SecWuiAuthentication
Get-WUISetting Get-SecAdminWuiConfiguration
Set-WUISetting Set-SecAdminWuiConfiguration
UserSetSystemPassword Set-SecSystemUserPassword
UserSetPermissions Set-SecUserPermission
UserChangeLocalPassword Set-SecUserPassword

3.7 System Cmdlets

Deprecated cmdlet Replacement cmdlet
Initialize-LoadBalancer Initialize-LmConnectionParameters
Test-ServerConnection Test-LmServerConnection

3.8 Get/Set Cmdlets

Deprecated cmdlet Replacement cmdlet
Get-AllParameters Get-LmAllParameters
Get-Parameter Get-LmParameter
Set-Parameter Set-LmParameter

3.9 TLS Cmdlets

Deprecated cmdlet Replacement cmdlet
New-Certificate New-TlsCertificate
ListCert Get-TlsCertificate
Remove-Certificate Remove-TlsCertificate
Backup-Certificate Backup-TlsCertificate
Restore-Certificate Restore-TlsCertificate
New-IntermediateCertificate New-TlsIntermediateCertificate
Remove-IntermediateCertificate Remove-TlsIntermediateCertificate
GetCipherset Get-TlsCipherSet
ModifyCipherset Set-TlsCipherSet
DelCipherset Remove-TlsCipherSet
HSMShow Get-TlsHSM
HSMConfigure Set-TlsHSM
HSMGenerateClientCert New-TlsHSMClientCert
HSMUploadCACert Set-TlsHSMCACert

3.10 Web Application Firewall (WAF) Cmdlets

Deprecated cmdlet Replacement cmdlet
ListWafRules Get-WafRules
AddWafCustomData New-WafCustomRuleData
DownloadWafCustomData Export-WafCustomRuleData
DelWafCustomData Uninstall-WafCustomRuleData
AddWafCustomRule New-WafCustomRuleSet
DelWafCustomRule Uninstall-WafCustomRuleSet
DownloadWafCustomRule Export-WafCustomRuleSet
EnableWafRemoteLogging Enable-WafRemoteLogging
DisableWafRemoteLogging Disable-WafRemoteLogging
ListWafAuditFiles Get-WafAuditFiles
DownloadWafAuditLog Export-WafAuditLog
GetWafChangeLog Export-WafChangeLog
ManInstallWafRules Install-WafRulesDatabase
DownloadWafRules Update-WafRulesDatabase
GetWafSettings Get-WafRulesAutoUpdateConfiguration

3.11 GEO Cmdlets

Deprecated cmdlet Replacement cmdlet
DeleteFQDN Remove-GeoFQDN
ModifyFQDN Set-GeoFQDN
AddCluster New-GeoCluster
DeleteCluster Remove-GeoCluster
ShowCluster Get-GeoCluster
ModifyCluster Set-GeoCluster
ClusterChangeLocation Set-GeoClusterCoordinates
AddMap New-GeoFQDNSiteAddress
DeleteMap Remove-GeoFQDNSiteAddress
ModifyMap Set-GeoFQDNSiteAddress
ChangeCheckerAddr Set-GeoFQDNSiteCheckerAddress
AddCountry Set-GeoFQDNSiteCountry
RemoveCountry Remove-GeoFQDNSiteCountry
ChangeMapLocation Set-GeoFQDNSiteCoordinates
AddCustomLocation New-GeoCustomLocation
DeleteCustomLocation Remove-GeoCustomLocation
ListCustomLocation Get-GeoCustomLocation
EditCustomLocation Set-GeoCustomLocation
AddIP New-GeoIpRange
DeleteIP Remove-GeoIpRange
ShowIP Get-GeoIpRange
ListIPs Get-GeoIpRange
ModifyIPLocation Set-GeoIPRangeCoordinates
DeleteIPLocation Remove-GeoIPRangeCoordinates
AddIPCountry Set-GeoIPRangeCountry
RemoveIPCountryCustom Remove-GeoIPRangeCountry
Remove-GeoIPRangeCustomLocation Remove-GeoIPRangeCountry
RemoveIPCountry Remove-GeoIPRangeCountry
AddIPCountryCustom Set-GeoIPRangeCustomLocation
ListMiscParameters Get-GeoMiscParameter
ModifyMiscParameters Set-GeoMiscParameter
LocationDataUpdate Update-GeoDatabase
EnableGEO Enable-LmGeoPack
DisableGEO Disable-LmGeoPack
IsGEOEnabled Test-LmGeoEnabled

3.12 Backup Cmdlets

Deprecated cmdlet Replacement cmdlet
Backup-LoadBalancer Backup-LmConfiguration
Restore-LoadBalancer Restore-LmConfiguration
Get-BackupOption Get-LmBackupConfiguration
Set-BackupOption Set-LmBackupConfiguration

3.13 VPN Cmdlets

Deprecated cmdlet Replacement cmdlet
CreateVpnConnection New-LmVpnConnection
DeleteVpnConnection Remove-LmVpnConnection
ListVpns Get-LmVpnConnection
SetVpnAddrs Set-LmVpnAddrs
SetVpnLocalIp Set-LmVpnLocalIp
SetVpnLocalSubnets Set-LmVpnLocalSubnet
SetVpnRemoteSubnets Set-LmVpnRemoteSubnet
SetVpnSecret Set-LmVpnSecret
StartVpnConnection Start-LmVpnConnection
StopVpnConnection Stop-LmVpnConnection
StartIkeDaemon Start-LmVpnIkeDaemon
StopIkeDaemon Stop-LmVpnIkeDaemon
StatusIkeDaemon Get-LmVpnIkeDaemonStatus
SetVpnPfsEnable Set-LmVpnPfsEnable
SetVpnPfsDisable Set-LmVpnPfsDisable

3.14 Add-on Cmdlets

Deprecated cmdlet Replacement cmdlet
UploadAddon Install-LmAddon
DeleteAddon Remove-LmAddon
ListAddons Get-LmAddOn

3.15 Patch Cmdlets

Deprecated cmdlet Replacement cmdlet
Install-Patch Install-LmPatch
Restore-Patch Uninstall-LmPatch
Restart-LoadBalancer Restart-Lm

3.16 Date/Time Cmdlets

Deprecated cmdlet Replacement cmdlet
Get-DateTimeOption Get-LmDateTimeConfiguration
Set-DateTimeOption Set-LmDateTimeConfiguration

3.17 SDN Cmdlets

Deprecated cmdlet Replacement cmdlet
AddSDNController New-SdnController
DeleteSDNController Remove-SdnController
ModifySDNController Set-SdnController
GetSDNController Get-SdnController

3.18 Application Front End (AFE) Cmdlets

Deprecated cmdlet Replacement cmdlet
Get-AFEConfiguration Get-LmAFEConfiguration
Set-AFEConfiguration Set-LmAFEConfiguration
Update-IDSRule Update-AFEIDSRules

3.19 Connection Limit Cmdlets

Deprecated cmdlet Replacement cmdlet
AfeClientLimitList Get-LmIPConnectionLimit
AfeClientLimitAdd New-LmIPConnectionLimit
AfeClientLimitDelete New-LmIPConnectionLimit

3.20 High Availability (HA) Cmdlets

Deprecated cmdlet Replacement cmdlet
Get-HAOption Get-LmHAConfiguration
Set-HAOption Set-LmHAConfiguration
Set-AzureHAMode Set-LmAzureHAMode
Get-AzureHAOption Get-LmAzureHAConfiguration
Set-AzureHAOption Set-LmAzureHAConfiguration
Set-AwsHAMode Set-LmAwsHAMode
Get-AwsHAOption Get-LmAwsHAConfiguration
Set-AwsHAOption Set-LmAwsHAConfiguration

3.21 Diagnostic Cmdlets

Deprecated cmdlet Replacement cmdlet
Get-DebugOption Get-LmDebugConfiguration
Set-DebugOption Set-LmDebugConfiguration
DoTcpDump Trace-TcpTraffic

3.22 Cluster Cmdlets

Deprecated cmdlet Replacement cmdlet
NMClusterStatus Get-ClusterStatus
NMClusterCreate New-Cluster
NMAddNode New-ClusterNode
NMJoinCluster Join-Cluster
NMEnableNode Enable-ClusterNode
NMDisableNode Disable-ClusterNode
NMDeleteNode Remove-ClusterNode



Unless otherwise specified, the following documents can be found at

PowerShell, Interface Description

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