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Bad Certificate Status SSL/TLS Alert





Trying to better understand the "bad certificate error" when using a valid cert


Product: LoadMaster 


Platform: Hardware

Application: Exchange

Question/Problem Description:

Client machine getting certificate error when connecting to VS and pcap and logs showing ssl error "bad certificate status" despite valid certificate applied

Steps to Reproduce: Install certificate on LoadMaster not trusted by all browsers
Error Message: bad certificate status
Defect Number:  
Enhancement Number:  
Cause: Intermediate and/or root certificate not trusted by all browsers
  • If site is publicly accessible, scan certificate chain on
  • Will show that certificate is not trusted by some browsers but all other checks pass
  • View the site's certificate path in a browser
  • Select the intermediate certificate and view 
  • Copy to file to download to local machine as binary/base 64 .cer file
  • Upload .cer in Intermediate Certificates page in the Web UI of the LoadMaster
  • Run SSLshopper certificate path checker again to confirm change
  • Access site again from client to confirm

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