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How to ensure health checks are set properly.





How to ensure IIS health checks are set properly.


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: IIS/Apache

Question/Problem Description:

How do I know if my health check is set up properly and is working?

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Cause: Health checks are misconfigured within your VS/SubVS.
  • Ensure that the port matches the protocol (HTTP/HTTPS) you're using.
  • Select the appropriate health check method based on the application or traffic for the service
  • If the Server requires SNI, ensure that the HTTP/1.1 box is checked and the hostname you're interested in checking on is populated in the HTTP/1.1 Host field.
  • If the health check is failing, check the system log files to see what kind of reason is given.
  • If it fails, you can also run a packet capture from the LoadMaster to see where the failure is occurring. 

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